Burst Booth

This summers doors of opportunity just keep OPENING! But first I would like to Present Burst Booth to the ranking!

Burst Booth is a HD open aired photo booth that captures moments in popular formats such as Gifs, Image, Videos, and BOOMERANG! 
See you at the next event!


Burst Booth collects memory from every event while at the same time a great marketing tool!

So excited about this product and cant wait to see how it evolves. 


2017 So Far...

How I am enjoying 2017 so far. Show, New Faces, New Places.


FAC's 2017 Exhibition, along with many old friends in Toronto, Canada. I was also given the opportunity to speak on the panel Decolonizing Your Colonial Identity. Had never spoken on a panel before, but of course I aced it. My AirBnB room was also a highlight being in a luxury high-rise condo. Exploring the city and food with friends, and finally enjoying the nightlife the way Canadians do. It was what I expected. Check out Goddess Iridescent my work presented.

Artist Panel : Tanesha Child Photography embracing her work through trap music #fac2017

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Graduate School

I've started the journey of GRAD SCHOOL! Soon I'll be an art teacher at some lucky school in the world and sharing art. Meanwhile here are some shots from my Documentary Photography class, images around this small new town. I'll post more of my images from the documentary class.



FOR THE CULTURE: Showcasing New Age Black Artist, curated by me! Thanks to all the people that gave me the opportunity, My mentor Allison UpShaw and The University of Alabama; and the awesome artist Fabian Simpson, Aushrae Adams, DreaGlam, Erin Bonner, Justin Fitzpatrick, Jourdan McGowan! The reception was LIT, and laidback and we had plenty of support. This can definitely be a yearly thing.



Out door Art Show!

While spending 3 hours trying to find the bike shop to ride around the Atlanta belt line we wandered into an outdoor exhibition hosted by Mr. Gary Gruby. Others onlookers were gathered enjoying his pieces that seemed to reflect off the paper, which we later learned were printed on water color paper with carbon ink. Exclusive to Mr. Gruby. Awesome guy to meet and explore the why the universe pointed out the poppy he shot. 



I had the opportunity to join 19 amazing feminist artist internationally in Toronto, Ontario for a 10-day residency on Gilbraltor Pointe Artscape on Toronto Island. It seems as If it has been a month, but the time was so memorable. I can name everyone, their residents and kids, just from the time spent stranded on the island. The residence was located in an old school that had almost been twice burned down (second by me almost). The work created by me displayed Goddesses as women of color. 



#BellForUs Campaign Trail

Spring Break in Atlanta well spent. Helping fellow Class of 2009 friend Eric Bell as he runs for District 3 Commissioner in GA. 24yrs old and us Millennials are taking over. 


My beautiful assistant also was along to help. For more information on this Eric Visit Bellforus.com .